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Your must-have student apps!

Your must-have student apps!

It’s a hectic uni-life out there but you need to realize, there’s no room or a reason for that matter, to panic. You’re in charge and most of the solutions you need to thrive, are right in your pocket! Literally!

Evernote (Android & iOS)

It is and has been for years, the best ‘taking notes’ app out there. And after soon discovering that taking notes is perhaps the most important and frequent task of a student, you’ll often find ‘Evernote’ life-saving! It keeps you organized and helps you stay ‘tidy’, by having everything in one place. Its most important features are checklists, links, attachments, and audio recordings and to top all that, you get to sync your notes across two screens, all with the free version! Neat!

Timetable (Android) & Class Timetable (iOS)

More frequently than not, everything will appear as a pile of ‘to-dos’ that is never-ending and worst, growing and growing! So there are two things to do here. Plan and… plan! That’s what keeps an excellent student on top of everything. These apps will send you alerts and reminders, keep track of your homework they have a very user-friendly interface and even turn down the volume when they know you’re in class! How cool is that!

Mint (Android & iOS)

Stay on top of your monthly budget can be a tricky business for a student, so a little tech-help never hurt anyone! With ‘Mint’ you can save all your accounts and cards in one place, set up your budget and keep an eye on your expenses. ‘Mint’ will also provide you with some very interesting tips to save money and will keep you on track with your bills, by sending reminders!

GoConqr (Android & iOS)

‘Changing the way you learn’. That’s GoConqr’s moto and truly, it delivers! It’s considered by many as the best ‘revising’ app there is, with a library of 9 million resources!  You can use its award-winning tools to create content bundles, share your knowledge with others and most importantly, it’s fun! It comes with mind maps, notes, quizzes, flowcharts, slides, courses and flashcards and you can even create a personal study guide! Highly recommended!

Sleep Cycle (Android & iOS)

A student needs his/her rest! Getting some qualitative sleep can be a challenge, especially during exam periods. Be proactive and download Sleep Cycle! It won’t just wake you up, it will examine your sleep patterns, help you rectify and perfect them by chronicling movement and time so as to always feel rested and refreshed! Who doesn’t want that!

Happy downloading and feel free to provide us with your feedback or even your suggestion on your must-have apps!

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