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Why joining Erasmus is a good idea.

Why joining Erasmus is a good idea.

The EUC is a multicultural home, a university which represents different cultures and welcomes students from all around the world. It’s our responsibility to make them feel at ease, to integrate them with our local culture as our scholar ethos and values dictate. Offering students a holistic education is a process that continues outside the classroom doors, learning from each other and communicating their customs and beliefs across the campus is key to that.¬† That’s why we are active ambassadors of the Erasmus program, which gives the student to study abroad for a specific period of time.

Get the ‘on my own’ feeling.

Studying abroad can be a decision you’re uncertain to make. It’s a completely different kind of student life and standing on your own two feet in an environment that’s completely out of your comfort zone will only benefit you in the long run.

Go to places.

Have you ever come across people with stories that begin with ‘I have a friend in Spain’ or ‘back then when I studied in Italy’? Don’t you feel already overwhelmed by the mind trip alone the phrase takes you? You can be one of these people! As much as it sounds old and clich√©, traveling is the best experience money can buy and live at a place for a longer period of time, will create a bond between you and that place. It will feel like a second home, a choice you can make without regrets in the future when you decide where you want to build a career at. Learning about the place’s history, its habits, its traditions, its way of thinking will only make you richer in knowledge and in spirit!

Make new friends.

It’s not just about surviving in a different set. It’s about enjoying too. To do that, you need to be on the lookout, find new people that have the same interests as you, look the world in the same perspective and, with Erasmus, you will have the chance and the time to build that friendship on solid grounds. You will have to let your guard down, be the one that screens and approaches new individuals to go the extra mile, in order to start a friendship. As much as you are reluctant at first, you will enjoy every minute. This is a promise! And in the long run, you will find just how much you grew, because you were willing to step into that zone.

An advocate of togetherness

You won’t just create a bigger circle of friends. You will have a broader mindset One that’s more progressive, that accepts new cultures, that welcomes foreigners and that views himself as a citizen of the world. You will experience being different first hand, with you being the outsider. It’s what will make you more empathetic when the tables turn and convert you into a solidarity spokesperson.

Learn about all the possibilities and how you can join the Erasmus program while studying at the EUC, here.

Let the journey begin!

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