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Time management explained.

Time management explained.

We all have busy lives and we all are trying to manage the things that we planned for the day. However, sometimes we tend to get overwhelmed by the number of chores we have to complete. Do not worry about it – you are not alone. Here are steps to follow when it comes to managing your time:

Step 1

One of the most common mistakes that people do is to write down everything that they need to do. But, wouldn’t it be wiser to list only the things that have a higher importance? For instance, if you need to send a report to your professor, whilst you need to re-arrange something in your room – ask yourself – what should go first? Of course, sending a report since it has a deadline. Use the same approach to the rest.

Step 2

Be consistent. Have you ever had those days when you feel like you do not want to do anything, and then on the next day you have a million things to do? Do not make your life more complicated – even when you do not feel “like it” still do a little work.

Step 3

Don’t stress. Diving deep into a project and stressing about it can easily make you lose valuable time and take you off course. Why? Because you’re so worried about finishing in time rather than finishing it impeccably. And when that happens?  Right. You’d have to do it all over again and this time, in the mindset it was meant to be done in the first place. Remember, never sacrifice the quality of your work because you’re rushing to do it! It totally defeats the purpose!

Step 4

A to-do list is sometimes never-ending. It can’t always be about getting things done for a class, a project, a group. It should be about you too! Include some of the things you love doing on that list too and spread them evenly! Work out. Watch your favorite TV show. Shop. Go to the movies. Do nothing for a day. Whatever it takes. If you are all burnt out by the end of it, your work will go up in flames too!

We hope that you will find these tips useful! Good luck with your studies.

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