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The place innovation calls ‘home’!

The place innovation calls ‘home’!

Every new step forward is a challenge and with every new challenge comes the potential of innovation to happen. An idea, a product, a solution. In the age of technology, it’s crucial to have the right partners by your side so as to maximize the chances of bringing your vision to life.

In the era of tech startups and of technological leaps, it is easy to understand the reasons why the conceptualization of Microsoft’s Innovation Centers has become so necessary in 2018. To have this vision though back in 2002 shows you how groundbreaking and forward-looking Microsoft has been!  It back then when the first MIC was launched. Sixteen years later, more than 110 MICs operate servicing 38 countries around the globe are setting the grounds for the innovators of today and tomorrow assisting them to materialize their business models and kick-start their companies. 500 000 people have been assisted to create more than 3200 companies in addition to accommodating the training of more than 950 000 positional innovators in the last couple of years alone! The numbers talk by themselves and them serve to validate the importance of using  MIC as a tool of personal and professional development.

Cyprus has also benefited from its very own MIC, located at the European University Cyprus.

State of the art, advanced and equipped with the latest technological features, MIC Cyprus is the place where government officials, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and scholars meet to work together in the name of innovation. Within its premises, they find solutions, research new technologies and actively participate in growing our local economy. In the same way that all MIC’s globally are doing. Practically, since its introduction, MIC Cyprus has helped to create more businesses that are people driven and innovation inspired. In just a year, more than 60 business ideas have come to life because of MIC and many Cyprus based startups have made their way to the market.

When someone engages with MIC, they will be given access to Microsoft’s software with all its applications and tools, education on developing their own software, an innovative pool of technological ideas and tech equipment of the highest quality. Via MIC seminars, educational programs, workshops, events and interactive presentations potential innovators can test their theories with benchmarked applications that have succeeded in the past and get in touch with the work of some of the greatest minds of the world.

The dynamic created by all the benefits MIC provides every student with an ideal platform to launch their future employment goals, whatever they might be. Take the time to visit it soon,  bringing your best, most innovative ideas with you!

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