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The girl, the guitar and the dream

The girl, the guitar and the dream

If only the world had more guitars… It will surely be a better place, and that’s Avgi’s Stavrou dream, whenever she plays those strings! “My instinct led me to music! I chose music and decided to let life… happen”. A first impression of Avgi is that she’s not a stereotypical Cypriot (whatever that is) and perhaps, this is one of her strongest assets. After all, diversity is essential to evolution, freedom of expression and to the fundamentals of society itself. Avgi is, simply put, herself.

Avgi has come a long way since she first decided that music was not just ‘her thing’, but her life, her way of expressing (and showcasing) what ‘Avgi’ is all about. And it all started from when she got her first guitar! “I owned one at the age of 5, it just had buttons on it! And as I got my hands on more guitars, I kept falling in love with them more and more!” She perceives windows 10 key sale creation in a very romantic, old school way that really gives her love of music away. “The concept of creating a song, putting lyrics and music together intrigues me. Sometimes, I just play the guitar and a new song pops into my head, just like that! Or I might spend days on creating a song, but I always know when there’s something there!”

There are two kinds of dreamers. The ones that perceive the impossible as an obstacle, and the ones that are empowered by it and try to find ways to break through; “To break that glass ceiling’ to quote Hillary Clinton. Avgi belongs to the latter category and she’s breaking some glass ceilings of her own! Avgi’s dream is to leave her mark, to create her own legacy. “I imagine myself writing songs, having 20 albums on my record, writing music for other artists–these are my wildest dreams”.

Of course, Avgi is not alone in this. She has quality education as an ally, respected and influential professors by her side. Isn’t that the purpose of every educational 810-403 Institution: a commitment to stand by students and help them realize their dream? In what way? By offering scholarships to students like Avgi, alternative payment plans, lower tuition fees when appropriate, rewards, opportunities and an environment where they can grow and get the chance to go from A to Z, from theory to practice. Avgi grabbed the amazing opportunity that the European University offered her. “I applied for a scholarship, sent all the required documents to the university, and I was then called in for an interview. I auditioned, and I got in!” That’s where it all started for Avgi!

So what’s next? The future looks as bright as the sun! Her first album is set to be released in 2017, and in the meantime, she sings along with some of her favoritewindows 10 professional key purchase artists, such as Lefteris Moumtzis, as an opening act! You might have seen her debut at one of VOID TV’s episodes, or heard some of her songs on a couple of MAD TV shows. One thing is for sure: she has everything going for her, a perfect example of a dream chaser that has her eyes on the prize! So if YOU have your own dream, Avgi is a good buy windows 10 key example to follow and adopt her 070-464 positive attitude towards life. She puts it best! “If you believe in yourself and you want it, you will make it. For sure!”

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