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The Business Leaders of tomorrow

The Business Leaders of tomorrow

How do you identify leaders? They have a natural charisma to attract the attention of a crowd. Their posture, their use of language, their tone of voice, these are all characteristics that strengthen their presence and make the audience eager to listen on what they’re about to say. A leader is confident, and confidence can only be gained by knowledge and a definitive understanding of the matters that count (in their respective fields). Here, at the EUC we believe that knowledge is the power that will enable you to become your generation’s leader.

Strong guidance creates strong leaders

To become a leader you have to be nourished by leaders. At the EUC’s School of business Administration, you are led by capable, innovative minds. These are your professors, your mentors. All distinguished and experienced individuals, who have flourished in their fields of expertise and who have the stamina and the knowledge to guide you to be nothing less than excellent. Their mission is to provide you with all the skills and principals needed to be the team leader you have envisioned. Because by the end of the day, your success is their success and they are more than greatful to be the part of your journey.

To be able to lead a business towards the future, you have to understand its background, it’s past, the industry it’s involved in. You have to be exposed to marketing & management practices that work and you need to be able to explore all the futuristic potentials that technology has to offer.

When creating the leaders of tomorrow, we focus on research. At the EUC you will come across many business cases. You will study them extensively so as to ascertain the best action plan possible. That’s why an EUC student has access to top-notch research laboratories. 

The EUC PEAK innovation Centre is an asset for every student that wants to understand how emerging technologies can be implemented in a business unit and develop it. The research system SYSTEMA is created to provide solid business solutions whilst CERIDES, the Centre for Risk and Decision Sciences can teach you how to design systems, based on extensive research with measurable results to create innovative business mechanisms.

Finally, as a university we are responsible to help to create the better businesses that are going to add value not only to a market, but also to the whole spectrum of society. In other words, ethically strong and socially responsible companies of the future, that are going to serve the humanity and make the world a better place. It becomes essential to have leaders that are going to encourage people to shape the established standards and come up with new ways of solving social problems. By the end of your student journey at EUC you will become capable of finding your own solutions and promoting it to a public. You will be able to find likeminded people and build the empire that are going to change the lives of people for the better.  

John C. Maxwell describes a leader as someone “who knows the way, walks the way and shows the way”. And the foundations of it are built here, in the classrooms of the EUC!

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