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Start Fresh! A guide to surviving Freshman’s week.

Start Fresh! A guide to surviving Freshman’s week.

Let’s clear things out! University life will unmistakably be one of the best times of your life and its memories will accompany you, along with a smile, for as long as you will remember! Having said that, know that you’ re in for a big change! Literally everything around you will be brand new! Environment, schoolmates, classes, way of learning, opportunities, you might also have relocated to a new city or country! Not to mention that you’re going to be ‘the new kid on the block’ (oh, hit a nerve right there haven’t I) and that’s always tricky.


It’s quite a challenge and, as you will later find out in life, you can deal with it in two ways. A. Adapt to it and grasp onto every opportunity it has to offer or B. Let it get to you. Choice A sounds more like you, doesn’t it? Easier said than done, but if you believe in you, then you can get that ‘sugar rush’ feeling of your new life much earlier on!



Learn your way around the campus, explore the new world you’ve entered into and let your imagination digest all of the reality around you! Unpack all of your stuff and start the day with a well-deserved tour!


Practice your social skills.

This is no time to wear your shy mask. It’s not easy and not for everyone, but you don’t have to go out of your way! Open that door, introduce yourself and try to remember people’s names. You would be surprised how good that feels when they realize that you remember them. And hey, sometimes people you don’t know can actually make you feel better than the people you do know!


Get the boring stuff out of the way.

Planning the semester and filing your documents is not exactly a fresher’s best thing, but if you are done with all the bureaucracy early on the week, you’d have more to enjoy! Not to mention that getting in a queue in front of an admin’s office is an excellent way to meet people!


Add the numbers up.

In other words, don’t wait until the very last minute to find out you’ve spent all of your term savings!  Take some time on your first week and make a rough plan of your 1st term expenses! How much and for what reasons are some excellent questions you should ask yourself. That way, you will now your priorities in advance and you’ll find that you will be able to go off out of budget a bit at some point!


Get involved!

Universities are not just for studying, you know! The campus is a good place to practice your skills, exercising your hobbies and obtain new ones! Signing up to groups, clubs and societies of your interests is a wise move!


Plan your to-go events.

It’s fresher’s week and it’s surely packed with things to do and places to go! Well, that’s nice but you don’t have to show up everywhere! You’re not Miley Cyrus! Choose the ones that interest you the most and have a blast!


Endorse cultural diversity

There aren’t many places in life where you will be lucky enough to be surrounded by so many different people, different cultures and characters. A diversity of this range needs to be celebrated but first, you need to acknowledge it and come closer to it. On your first week, try to approach people that you don’t know how to talk to. That’s right. Let life happen and input them into your circle of friends. You will be thankful later on for this advice.


Save your favorite TV series for later.

I get it. You are dying to know how Sheldon reacted to his mother’s ‘sins’ on “The Big Bang Theory” or what Annalise Keating has up her sleeve on “How to get away with murder”. Well, ‘Shondaland’ can wait, right now, you’re very busy discovering ‘Student land’ and getting popular amongst new selected few. Add them to your ‘watch later’ list and invite your new study pals over for pizza and ‘Suits’!


Listen more, talk less.

No one likes a “know it all” and that’s not the first impression you would like to make! That doesn’t mean that you have to change the way you act, or stay silent throughout the week. But take a step back and endorse what’s happening to you, notice how everyone talks, reacts, evaluate their behaviors and then wisely choose the people you want to be surrounded for the next years to come.



And of course, everyone here at EUC is always available to give a helping hand!

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