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Learning knows no distance.

Learning knows no distance.

There are many scenarios why you’d choose distant learning and in today’s world, the classroom is as big as your screen and your potentials as great as your will! It still though, remains a challenge and there are things that you owe to do differently when studying from a distance.

Stay motivated. It’s easy to lose sight of why you’ve started in the first place if you’re not on campus. So write down your long-term goals and put them on your fridge! Or somewhere you can see all the time! A constant reminder of why you want to succeed.
Try and develop a different, more close relationship with your tutors. Initiate it. Ask often, seek clarifications and reviews, try and stay in touch regularly via emails and or even video calls!
Plan, plan, plan! Especially if the reason you’re studying from abroad is that you’re occupied by something else, back home. Set a time plan for your deliverables and when they’re due. This is your draft! Your final time plan will be one that’s two weeks ahead of your draft! That way, you’ll always have time to revisit your projects, make changes and even have time to improve them so as to hand over everything, on time!
The fact that you’re away from class doesn’t mean your not part of the class! Engage with your classmates, make friends and try and discuss your ideas for every project, through social media or forums!
Make time for you! It can be very hard to try and keep up with studying and working at the same time or trying to raise a kid, or when something else needs to take up some of your time too. You’re well being and fun is not priority #3. Treat yourself right!
E-learning is a way of studying which we, here at the EUC value very much, that’s why we have created our distance education unit. Our model is inspired by the Open University of Catalonia, the first 100% online university in the world with which we closely collaborate in both teaching and research methods. We have created the Virtual Campus and the Blackboard platform so every student can have access to resources and material and we regularly schedule one to one meetings with the students.

Rest assured, at the EUC, distance is not an issue as far as learning is concerned!

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