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If you mean business, take on a summer challenge!

If you mean business, take on a summer challenge!

If you want to succeed in life, you have to spend your time wisely. Instead of chilling on a beach and wondering about life, why not try taking an internship and see which career path to take after you graduate from university. Believe it or not, many successful people out there will suggest you try everything and grab every opportunity available as by the end of the day, without trying the waters, you will never know who you are meant to be. If you are more of the business type or future entrepreneur, it might be useful to try to check the internships in the following categories:

Marketing assistants.

Working as a marketing assistant can teach you many things. How to do the Google Ads, how to create eye-catching ad or how to write a proper email to clients. Besides, it secures your future as there will be always a high demand for the marketing professionals. Last but not least, if you are more of the creative person, the internship in marketing is going to help you to liberate your creative spirit.

Customer Service Representative.

Not only it is going to teach you how to communicate with clients face to face, but also you will learn how to satisfy them.

Seasonal Sales Representative.

“You will be the face of the company”. Surely that line has come across in a marketing or business management class and it’s true. You will be the company’s contact person who puts himself at the forefront in most cases. Much like a sales representative in a store, it’s the person who greets you, smiles at you and always lets you know he/she is at your service. You will definitely practice your communication skills by applying for a sales internship.

A start-up intern.

Start-ups are assembled by small teams where everyone does a little bit of everything. And they will never reject the chance of having an extra hand to assist them. Being a part of their microworld will help you strengthen many of your leadership skills, your soft skills and you will learn what multitasking is all about.

The best part of it is, if you make a good impression as an intern, you increase your chances of getting hired by the same company in the years to follow. Go for it! 2019’s summer can be fun and productive at the same time!

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