The magic of colours and the role they play in our life!

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The Graphic Design Club and the Office of Student Affairs invites you to the Seminar “The magic of colours and the role they play in our life!” The Seminar will take place on Thursday December 1, 201616.00-18.00 at Auditorium Beta.  The presentation will focus primarily on the following:

  • What is colour
  • Simple and Compound Colours
  • Colour in the Elements
  • The decisive role that colour plays in our psychology
  • Colours reveal our character
  • The effect of colours on humans
  • Colours and the Zodiac
  • Colour Therapy
  • The property of colours
  • Colours and Cosmetics
  • Colours and Memory
  • Colours and Corporate Logos
  • Colour and Marketing
  • Colours and their application in the preparation of foodstuff
  • Colour in Painting
  • Colour in the cities through the medium of Street Art and Graffiti
  • Colour in Gastronomy


Hope to see you all!

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