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Entrepreneurship is increasingly seen as a valuable career choice for recent graduates. Developing your entrepreneurial competencies is now seen as crucial, not only for starting your own business, but for contributing to the success of small companies. Even large corporations are beginning to see the value in entrepreneurial skills for their employees.

There still exists a struggle for students to obtain entrepreneurship skills and experience, with commercialization and knowledge transfer often overlooked. For this reason, we welcome Startup Europe Comes to Universities (SEC2U)!

SEC2U is an initiative endorsed by the European Commission (Startup Europe) to create a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation within universities across Europe. This consists of a series of events that bring together students, university staff, entrepreneurs, businessmen and representatives of local governments in order to showcase the available support and form valuable connections in the startup ecosystem. The second edition of SEC2U will take place from the 23rd to the 29th of October and European University Cyprus will be joining the initiative!

During the event that will take place in Nicosia at European University Cyprus Cultural Centre on the 25th of October from 3:30 p.m., students and young entrepreneurs will be able to familiarize themselves with the opportunities and support available for growing their businesses and entrepreneurship skills. In addition, six entrepreneurs Guest Speakers will challenge the audience with some success stories and cases of failure as a way of learning will be presented as well as some networking time among the participants.

EUC-PEAK Centre of Entrepreneurship of European University Cyprus will be supported by other universities across Europe, taking steps towards the internationalization of the Cypriot ecosystem together with over 30 prestigious universities in the SEC2U initiative.

With approximately 3000 people expected in attendance, this is a time to showcase the work of universities in the entrepreneurship area, build bridges between university communities and startup ecosystems and facilitate connections!

Take the right step towards your future and don´t miss out on this opportunity. Find out more about SEC2U and the events near you.

See you there!

About Start up Europe Comes to the Universities (SEC2U)

Startup Europe Comes to the Universities (SEC2U) is a Europe wide initiative to engage universities (from the Startup Europe University Network and beyond) and enable them to spread an entrepreneurial culture. SEC2U will hold events across Europe during the week of 23rd to 29th of October 2017.

The main objective of the SEC2U events is to showcase the commitment of European universities for entrepreneurship and to connect universities to the wider startup ecosystem.

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