European University Cyprus researchers at 2nd Mediterranean Science Festival

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The European University Cyprus (EUC) research team will actively participate, for the second year in a row, at the Mediterranean Science Festival, which will take place at the Old Port Square in Limassol from 27 – 30 April 2017.

The Mediterranean Science Festival with the central theme “Evolving with Science”, aims to take Science out of the lab and the classroom, bringing closer to the public.

Having this in mind, European University Cyprus researchers will deliver a number of engaging activities and presentations, which will both explain a scientific idea and highlight the university’s research in this area.

EUC Activities:

Computing the Universe, Friday 28th April, 09:00 – 14:00, Lamarck Hall, Activity members: Professor Andreas Efstathiou, Assistant Professor Vicky Papadopoulou Lesta, Dr. Andreas Papadopoulos, Dr. Natalie Christopher, Elena Stylianou, Ph.D. candidate

Supernovae and Cosmology, Friday 28th April, 18:40-19:20, Room Darwin, Speaker: Andreas Papadopoulos, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Astrophysics and High-Performance Computing Research Group, European University Cyprus

Unveiling faraway galaxies in the distant Universe, Friday 28th April, 19:20-20:00, Room Darwin, Speaker: Natalie Christopher, Research Associate, European University Cyprus

Galaxies and Black holes in the Universe, Saturday 29th April, 21:10-21:50, Jane Goodall Cafe, Speaker: Andreas Efstathiou, Professor, Vice-Rector of Research and External Affairs, European University Cyprus

The Warburg effect in cancer, Sunday 30th April,16:20-17:00, Room Darwin, Speaker: Apostolols Zaravinos, Assistant Professor, European University Cyprus

At the Mediterranean Science Festival, individuals of all ages will have the opportunity to attend exciting talks and discussions by scientists, as well as exhibitions, competitions, presentations, and screenings.

The four-day Festival also offers plenty of opportunities to participate in workshops, educational activities, and games. Free Entrance.

More information on the various events and activities of the Festival can be found here and here.

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