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Different, like everyone.

Different, like everyone.

Studying at a good university and becoming an expert at the field of your preference is, by default, a learning experience that’s unmatched. But there are lessons that can not only transform your worldview but also make you a better version of yourself. These lessons you will not find in a classroom, but rather you can discover them across the campus: respect to each other and support that we may develop by living side by side. Altogether, these qualities formed a community that can “concur the world”.

A place for everyone

At EUC we pride ourselves on having built a diverse and multicultural student body, where being different is considered to be a norm and where everyone is special because of their individuality. EUC provides a safe environment to create strong connections and friendships with people that came from different cultural and religious backgrounds. With people that share different life experiences and alternative outlooks. This multi-diverse community can not only help you to expand your worldview but also help you to realize that although we live in a big world and come from different countries and speak different languages, we still have a lot of things in common.

The normality of ‘different’

Your time at university is the period that prepares you for all your future challenges. Imagine yourself sitting next to a girl from China, or being in the same project group with a boy from Spain. Without ever setting foot there, just by spending time together you learn something more about the culture of one another. It is one of the best lessons that you can ever receive. By sharing your views and ideas with a person from another culture, you are breaking down stereotypes that actually stop us from getting to know each other better.

The realization that there should be no prejudice when it comes to race, religion and sexual orientation is essential to us evolving as individuals… as humans! Comprehending where people ‘come from’ and stepping into their shoes, early on in life, will help you carry these ideas for the rest of your life and pass the baton onto the generation that will succeed you.

At EUC, deep multiculturalism is recognized as a fundamental tool of learning and it is viewed as a miniaturist reflection of society itself. It represents a mission, our mission and we wouldn’t have built our community in any other way!

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