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Better in mind, body and soul!

Better in mind, body and soul!

Living the campus life is probably one of the most fun, carefree and productive time of your life. Sure, doing well in class and achieving your grade goals is priority #1, but it shouldn’t be just about that. You should also try to maintain an active life and a holistic attitude in regards to exercise, dietary and social life, After all, you don’t want to get yourself all burned out, too soon!

Stay in shape!

At EUC, we’re very proud that our Athletic Centre is considered one of the best indoor athletic facilities of the island, having a seating capacity of 400 and top-notch amenities. It’s all about being part of a team, so whether you enjoy volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer or handball, you’re in the right place! At EUC there are 10 intercollegiate teams. In the basement of the West Block, you can find a fully equipped gymnastic center, with more than 30 fitness machines to keep you pumped up! Ask for the assistance of our professional trainers, in the same way, you’d ask our professors to achieve your fitness goals! In addition, our physiotherapists at the Physiotherapy Centre can offer you specialize in treatments when you need it the most, free of charge for university members and sports teams or at very low rates.

Get involved, get connected!

Make the most of campus life! Meeting new people and making friends is the food of the soul! So make sure you make the most of all of the community activities EUC has to offer. To start with, stay updated with our calendar of activities, organized by the OSA, annually. We go hiking, arrange trips to explore Cyprus’ hidden gems, take part in well-being workshops, we even do blood donations together! Take your first steps into public life, by joining the Student Union that is elected yearly by the student body. It consists of 21 members and gives every student a vote, by actively engaging in making EUC a better place to evolve. Take part in one of our regular tournaments, in games like pool, table tennis, and chess or create a band and ‘let the rhythm get you’! Become a member of our music-related student Clubs and get access to the Music room, a fully equipped studio that will become your space of inspiration! There are also other extracurricular activities, from Cultural Nights, Meditation and parties to BBQs, Parties, and Festivals. There’s even a Legal Rhetoric Speech Contest!

Maintaining a balance is what will make you the person you want to be after you salute your university years, and we don’t just recommend it, we try our best to provide you a full spectrum to these experiences!

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