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Believe in You

Believe in You

To believe in yourself you must first discover and acknowledge who you truly are. Your identity, in other words: you, is not something predetermined nor static, it is constantly changing and evolving based on influences and life experiences. Who you are is an endlessly ongoing conversation with everybody around you and an exploration of your surroundings; ‘you’ is found in the narrative of the daily stories you create and share with everybody else. In a way it’s not where you came from, but, it’s how you came to be where you are at present.


It’s easy to get consumed by the everyday, by the constant struggle for survival day in – day out, and from a point onwards you stop questioning. What does it mean to believe in yourself? To truly believe in yourself?

It is when you are being dragged down deep by your individual difficulties and somehow, magically, out of the blue you find the strength to believe once again and you manage to resurface back on top and continue fighting with the obstacles.

It is when you learn to readily expect your next pitfall so as to prove once again that you will get up.

It is when you break free of your fears by conquering them and by embracing the unknown that lies ahead.

It is when you turn obstacles into challenges, failures into life-changing experiences and falls into momentum for success!


You are expected to act and think in a certain way. Your choices and behaviours are under scrutiny constantly. But don’t forget that it is ok if you don’t believe in what is the expected standard, what is my right may be your wrong and what is my wrong may be your right. Believe in your choices, right or wrong, after all they are part of the game. Believe in what feels right to you. Believe in the different. Believe in you. Ultimately, believing in you is believing in the possibility to discover the impossible, as T.S. Elliot once said:


“Only those who will risk too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”.

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