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A student’s must-have gadget list!

A student’s must-have gadget list!

Today’s student has technology at its feet! It’s up to you how you use that technology to your advantage and how you choose the right gadgets that will make your student life a lot easier! In any case, we have prepared a small ‘shopping list’ that might come in handy!


Charging backpack.

At some point during your campus life, your laptop, your phone or any other tech you are carrying with you has ran out of battery. And for some reason, it always happens when you need it the most! Needless to worry about that though, when you have a back pack that works for you, with you, whilst you are switching classes or just taking notes! A charging backpack is a real solution provider! Choose yours, here:


WiFi coffee maker

Putting in an all-nighter? Are you on your way back to your room and you are in desperate need of coffee right then and there? WiFi coffee makers let you control your pot from your smartphone and, on top of that, you can decide the ideal quantity and temperature of you drink, with just a voice command!  Check it out, here:


Noise cancelling headphones.

A useful, valuable and easy solution to concentrate on your studies and avoid all distractions possible! We’re fully on board with Amazon’s choice here:


External hard drive disc

We cannot stress this point enough. Backup, backup, backup! It’s just sensible student policy to ensure that everything you create, write, think is duplicated so that’s there if you need it. You never know, but you can save yourself the added stress. “Tech Radar” always provides useful insight on the best options available:


A pocket photo printer

Sometimes, having your pictures on your phone is just not enough. You need them at a place where you can see them, right there in front of you early in the morning, to brighten up your mood! And that’s why photo printers will never feel out of place-out of time! Polaroid is the option to go with:


Evernote Moleskine smart notebook

When digital meets printing, wonders can be made! And when you put together a fancy Moleskine notebook and the best digital notebook app out there, Evernote, you get a must-have solution! With Evernote Moleskine smart notebook, all you have to do is just write down your notes as you would normally do and Evernote’s page camera will do all the ‘digital translation’, by changing handwriting to digital! You can them organize them according to preference (there is a vast amount of grouping options when downloading the Evernote app). Get it, here:



What’s your favorite gadget you can’t do without?

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