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A place to cure your dreams!

A place to cure your dreams!

‘When I grow up, I want to become a doctor’… A phrase that’s very popular amongst kids when they’re asked of their future dreams. Growing up, new aspirations are created, new paths are paved, yet for some, this childhood dream just never gets old. It just gets bigger. And more desirable and stronger. For some, it’s the realization that becoming a doctor means choosing to serve humanity. And the spark, well it bursts into flames!

‘What is very challenging at the EUC School of Medicine is that we have a very dynamic group of students from different countries, different backgrounds’ claims Dimitris Ntourakis, professor of Medicine. The core of EUC’s DNA, its diversity, is what gives power to our students to challenge themselves. ‘The university gives you lots of chances: an opportunity to research, a chance to teach’, admits proudly our student Stelios whereas Themis acknowledges that ‘here we have simulation techniques and experiences that we wouldn’t find in any other university’.

Our class of the School of Medicine is our voice and our most important ambassador. ‘It’s innovation, it’s thinking out of the box, that’s what we do at the EUC’ says Yiannis. The first thing you learn here is how to work in teams. Our students learn quickly that they need to understand each other and collaborate, to reach a rewarding result. ‘Our teachers encourage us to ask questions so that it will create a sort of a dialog with our professors. They are here all the time and we can interact with them very easily explains Stelios, clarifying how (and why) the university’s mindset works (and is designed) for everyone.

A milestone for EUC’s School of Medicine was receiving the 1st prize at the Researcher’s Night 2017, for ‘Best Activity’. ‘Organizing 42 students into working together and win this prestigious award was certainly a very big achievement’, states Mr. Ntourakis proudly. ‘During the second activity, we presented to the public brains, that were like puzzles. You could break them down and then put them back together. You could also build your own brain with play-doh’ explains the esteemed EUC professor, emphasizing that the aim was to create activities that would be enjoyable by both children and adults. It wasn’t just an honor for the university, it was a unique, an unparalleled experience for every student that participated. Themis says it as it is. ‘It’s just another proof that when you’re dedicated to something, you can succeed’. ‘We were wowed by the result’, Stelios claims.

Do you see yourself becoming a respected, qualified doctor in the future? Then learn more about EUC’s School of Medicine, here!

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